arborist tied off in tree

About That Tree Guy

That Tree Guy is owned and operated out of Aylmer, Ontario by me, Thomas Harder. I started my career in tree work in 2014 after I found a job posting online for a tree climber. Until that moment, I hadn't realized that there was a job that involved three things I enjoyed: Climbing/Ropes, trees/outdoors and chainsaws.

In early 2015 I began this career as a ground's men working for Davey Tree Services in London. While at Davey Tree I became an Arborist apprentice and attended school at Humber College in Mississauga. After completing the program, I decided to set out on my own as a contract climber.

As a contract climber, I serviced local tree services who either required an occasional climber or an additional climber. My main goal in becoming self-employed has been so that I can support my family, including my wife, Marissa, and allow her to be home and care for our three daughters. More recently, in addition to the office administration, she has taken over answering the phone and setting up appointments. When you call you'll now have the pleasure of speaking with her. Working as a team has helped us serve you, our customers, so much better.

man on tree

As a contract climber I had little involvement in servicing the customer. There were many times when I felt the customer was not getting the best service and that I could offer better. Because of this, in 2019 I took the next step and branched out as a full tree service. I hired one local guy as my part time sidekick and we went to work.

Customers often report to me that when they call a tree service to look at their job, they rarely get someone out to look at it. One of my main goals in owning and operating a tree service is to show up when I say I will and be in clear communication with my customers.

Secondly, I strive to be a professional Arborist, providing the customer with as much information as possible and informing them on the best way to care for their trees.

working on tree

Even though it is sometimes heartbreaking to take down a tree that has been around longer than I have, tree removals are one of my favorite parts of this job. In my mind, the more difficult the better. Staring at this giant thing that started from one tiny seed and deciding the best way to bring it to the ground is my favourite challenge.

That Tree Guy is equipped with a bucket truck that reaches 60 feet, a 12-inch chipper, a tracked stump grinder, chainsaws of every size, and enough ropes and safety equipment to get your job done safely and professionally.